Our Process

If you are thinking about retirement or are already retired, or if you need help with planning out your financial life, then we are here to help you answer the critical questions that lead to a successful financial plan. Whether it's, will I run out of money in retirement? To, how can I help minimize overall taxes? Or even, is my investment portfolio suitable for my goals? Our goal is to answer these questions and any others on your mind, to help create the best financial plan for your personal situation. So, if you are thinking about working with a financial professional or are looking to find a new advisor, then we want to show you step by step, what our process is, before you trust us with a single dollar of the wealth you have accumulated for yourself and your family.

Initial Phone Meeting – Where we will schedule a quick 15 minute phone call, so we can both make sure we would be a good fit to work together and to make sure we are able to help you in your specific situation.

First Office Meeting – The goal of this meeting is to create clear goals, address concerns, and understand your unique financial situation. Your questions, along with the documents we will request of you to bring, will help guide our discussion towards your goals.

Our Analysis Process – This is where we do our due diligence to answer the main questions of: Can I afford to retire? Am I overpaying in taxes? Can my portfolio be improved? And, are there any threats to my goals that can be eliminated or at least reduced?

Follow Up Office Meeting(s) – This is where we will discuss any changes to your investments and/or overall financial plan to help you focus on achieving your financial goals, and how we can try to help you achieve those goals.

Then, Think about it! – We understand that this is a process and a very big decision to make for yourself and your family. We know it can take a few days to process new things and to decide on which financial path to take. We are here to respect your time and will be ready to work with you when you are ready!

Lastly, Implementation – During this step, we will start diving into the plan to move toward your goals and starting up the paperwork for you to become a client. We will be able to address any changes that need to be made to your financial life and get you moving towards your vision of financial success.

(Our goal is to put you in the best financial situation to succeed, so there is never a hard sell or a pressure to say yes before you are ready to work with us. We know this is a long-term relationship and comfort level is everything!)

If you have a specific question or want more information, click on "Contact Us" or drop us an e-mail message at travissmyczynski@afpadvisor.com. We are ready to help you!